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Protecting the GJ

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Abram Hermann

Meet Abe

Abe Herman is a Grand Junction business and community leader. Abe has made his mark across the Grand Valley, helping veterans recover through outdoor sport, working to get homeless youth back on their feet, and bringing other young leaders into our city's vital long-term planning conversations.

Abe is an avid outdoorsman and is active in our local mountain biking and climbing communities. 

Protecting the GJ We Love

Leadership for our recovery - and tomorrow.

Building the Next Generation of Good-Paying GJ Jobs

As a small business owner, Abe will be a voice for local businesses and work to grow the next generation of good-paying jobs here at home.

Abe believes in providing local businesses with the support they need to thrive in our community, and eliminating unproductive roadblocks that prevent our community members from finding success when building new opportunities.

Protecting What We Love

Our city is growing. Livability, public safety, and our room to breathe are all under pressure. It’s time for common sense solutions that preserve what we love about life here.

On Council, Abe will support our police, firefighters, and first responders, and create opportunity with stronger schools, smart infrastructure, and more places to play.

Abe is focused on preserving our low cost of living, and maintaining our roads and utilities to avoid congestion and the negative impacts of overcrowding.

Business Experience for Our Recovery

2021 will be a make or break year for many GJ families - and for our city. As a business owner, Abe knows how to ask the right questions about the savings, opportunities and investments needed to balance our checkbook and make our resources work for us.

Abe believes in using taxpayer dollars wisely, and strongly supports transparency in government - taxpayers should always know where their money is being used.

Grand Junction

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Abe for GJ
Abe for GJ

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