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Abe for GJ


Abe Herman

I'm humbled to welcome the support

of the following community leaders, friends and neighbors.

Affiliations are listed for identification purposes and do not constitute institutional endorsements.

"Few first-time candidates for City Council bring more knowledge of what the city does than local small-business owner Abe Herman [...] To summarize, we find Herman to be far more knowledgeable than Green on every issue. He also has a mindset that ponders the long-term future of this community."


Grand Junction Firefighters

Local 2808

The Local 2808 believes Abe Herman is the clear choice for City Council in District E. His forward-thinking approach will protect our community by ensuring firefighters have the resources we need to protect our residents and keep our firefighters safe. Abe has put extra effort into understanding the unique challenges our firefighters face and he stands with us in protecting Grand Junction. We look forward to continuing to serve Grand Junction with Abe Herman on City Council.

Foster color.JPG

Tim Foster

Community Leader

I have been fortunate to get to know Abe recently and must say I am impressed with his ability to grasp the complex issues facing Grand Junction, as well as his willingness to listen to all of our community members and their needs. It is refreshing to see a young man willing to serve his community with an open mind and new ideas.  I'm happy to support him for Grand Junction City Council.


Mayor Emeritus Rick Taggart

Former CEO, Marmot Mountain Works

Former CEO, Swiss Army Brands

Former Senior VP, The Timberland Company

As a former CEO and mayor, I know the importance of character when it comes to tackling tough issues and making a difference in big organizations. Everyone who meets Abe immediately senses that depth of character. I know he’ll be a great servant for our community.


Chuck McDaniel

U.S. Air Force Veteran 

Energy Attorney

Past Chair, GJ Housing Authority

I worked in the oil and gas industry for three decades and I’ve seen our economy shift firsthand. Right now, we need policymakers with the brainpower to make sense of all the big changes going on around us and to position our economy for the future. Abe is a bright young businessman who represents that future and we’re lucky to have his talents.

Anna headshot Civico.jpg

Anna Stout

Grand Junction City Council Member District C

Executive Director, Roice-Hurst Humane Society

Founder & President, Foundation for Cultural Exchange

Owner, Transfinem Language and Cultural Services

Abe values transparency, public engagement, and collaboration, which are values we need on Council right now. I trust Abe to put in the work needed to make thoughtful, deliberative decisions driven by public input and a strong understanding of our community's unique opportunities and needs. We need council members like Abe with business acumen and a record of success to help drive our economic recovery and help Grand Junction thrive.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 5.57.33 PM.png

John Mok-Lamme

Community Leader

I've known Abe Herman for several years through his volunteerism on behalf of our local homeless and unaccompanied youth. Abe approaches this work with a servant's heart, and he will be a great asset to our community through his service on City Council. I am excited about the future of Grand Junction with leaders like Abe moving us forward with compassion and intention.


William "Bill" Wade

Principal, New Realities Consulting

It’s not easy to bring folks from different political walks of life together to get things done right now. Abe is a natural team builder and the kind of leader we need to get our recovery going in 2021.


Matt & Ashley Chausser

Grand Junction Restaurant & Small Business Owners

2020 was a tough year for the restaurant industry. We want local leaders who’ll work for our recovery as hard as we will. We trust Abe to listen to small businesses and to work together.

lili headshot.JPG

Liliana Flanigan

Former Chair, West Slope Youth Vote

Former Chair, Education Committee, Grand Valley Students United

Abe is exactly the leader our community needs. His deep passion for our community, paired with his unique understanding of the obstacles faced by the next generation of Grand Junction residents, allow him to make thoughtful decisions and communicate clearly.

I know he will be an exemplary public servant.

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